Faculty & Staff Resources

Resources from Canisius College Library

This link contains a list of online and library resources for English as a Second Language Students at Canisius College.

Assisting International Students with Research and Writing

This is the companion website for Diana Hacker’s book Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age. It is a resource for research and documentation for humanities, social science, history, and science students.

Instructional Strategies to Help International Students Succeed

“Instructional Strategies to Help International Students Succeed” is an article written for Community College of Baltimore County.

Helping International Students Succeed in University Programs

This article, written by Barbara Loach from Cedarville University, creates a context for understanding the situation international students are facing when entering the American educational system. Loach gives useful tips for helping the student succeed in the U.S. higher education system and academic accommodations that can be made to assist speakers whose first language is not English.

Advisors Tips on Understanding the ESL Curriculum

A resource for Academic Advisors to help students register for ESL courses and better understand the ESL curriculum.

ESL Placement Rubrics:

To aid with the understanding of students' total scores and subscores on the ESL Placement exam ( actual scores located in Banner).

Writing Rubric

FYS Writing Rubric