Reading Resources

Developing Reading Skills:

“Skimming vs. Scanning”- two speed reading techniques

Anne Arundel Community College’s Tutoring Center offers a comprehensive explanation of skimming vs. scanning, two helpful speed-reading techniques. These skills are especially helpful when you have a great deal of material to read for classes or if you have a large amount of material to get through for a presentation.

Find Reading Content:

The Polyglot Project

Supported reading in English. Read some of the classic English novels for free.

The Buffalo News

Read breaking local news stories.

The Griffin: Canisius College's Newspaper

Read articles about what is going on around campus and the local community.

Helpful Dictionaries and Other Resources:

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

A great American Dictionary that features an audio dictionary! Just click on the speaker button to hear the proper pronunciation. This dictionary also gives a thorough definition of the words, parts of speech, and even has a “word of the day” section. You may also find their thesaurus helpful when looking for English synonyms. 

Oxford Dictionary
Multilingual online dictionary that is available online with translations into French, German, Italian, and Spanish. It is regarded by some as the most authoritative dictionary of the English language. The dictionary features detailed definitions, parts of speech, sentence examples, as well as common phrases that include the word. Also features spelling games and grammar tips. 
Word Reference
Multilingual online dictionary that is available in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Roman, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish! It includes not only the definition and parts of speech but also provides examples in different contexts.  Another unique feature is a verb conjugator for different verb tenses. 
Practice TOEFL exams!
Improve your reading skills by taking the TOEFL practice tests (on the right hand column)
Free Online Classes- Livemocha 
A free series of online classes that work with both audio and visual materials. Helps to practice speaking, writing, grammar, listening, reading and much more! Just sign up and it is free!