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Dave Sconda
  - In class you listened to Dave Sconda on Youtube, and you can also find him here!
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More Pronunciation Practice
Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

A great American Dictionary that features an audio dictionary! Just click on the speaker button to hear the proper pronunciation. This dictionary also gives a thorough definition of the words, parts of speech, and even has a “word of the day” section. You may also find their thesaurus helpful when looking for English synonyms.


Oral Presentation organization and strategy

From Eastern Tennessee State University- this website discusses the organization, delivery, preparation, presentation, language, and visual aids of an oral presentation. It also includes a helpful list of oral presentation “Do’s and Don’ts”.

Helpful tips for Oral Presentations

U.S. News & World report provides fifteen helpful strategies for giving oral presentations.

English “up-to-date”

To help keep your English “up-to-date”. Uses slang vocabulary for current technology and everyday conversation.

Free Online Classes- Livemocha

A free series of online classes that work with both audio and visual materials. Helps to practice speaking, writing, grammar, listening, reading and much more! Just sign up and it is free!