Program Testimonials

“It was my first learning day and it was very beneficial for me.  I appreciate that you provided this opportunity. I think MyLinkFace teachers prepare well and they matched T-shirts, too. I will study harder to take this wonderful opportunity. Thank you.”
–Juhyun Kim, Seoul, Korea  

“I had a good first class with the teacher. It was my first time talking with a Native English speaker. I feel that it’s real one-on-one English tutoring. I think if I continue to take this class, my English will improve.”
–Taeyoung Kim, Seoul, Korea 

"This program was good for me to improve my English." 

"I think it was also the great opportunity to learn about culture difference between USA and Korea."

"I learned a few slang every session. I think that was useful to me especially while I watched the USA movie, I found the slang that I learned in the USA movie! I was happy with that!" 
- Na Un Kim

1)What did you like about the program?
"This program is so useful to me because I could be taught by teacher who is a american native speaker. Also, it is amazing to talk about person who is with different background and culture." 

2) What did you think was most hopeful?
"Through this program it is helpful to fix my pronunciation. Teacher taught me with many sentences and tongue twisters. In addition, from teacher, I could know the American culture and information. It was too helpful."
- Yuya