Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1

Entrepreneurship Majors will apply a working knowledge of the principles of entrepreneurship to analysis and problem solving.

Students will:
  • Objective A:  Identify and apply the elements of entrepreneurship and to entrepreneurial processes;
  • Objective B:  Recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and identify the profile of entrepreneurs and their role in economic growth;
  • Objective C:  Use the entrepreneurial mind-set and behave responsibly and ethically in their roles as entrepreneurs.

Student Learning Goal 2

Entrepreneurship Majors will be able to create and start new ventures.

Students will: 
  • Objective A:  Creatively analyze the business environment, opportunity recognition, and the business idea-generation process;
  • Objective B:  Know how to acquire necessary resources and organizational matters  of new venture creation process;
  • Objective C:  Write a business plan that creates and starts a new venture.

Student Learning Goal 3

Entrepreneurship Majors will manage, grow, and harvest a new venture.

Students will:
  • Objective A: Apply a strategy for growth and manage the implications of growth;
  • Objective B: Use capital budgeting that includes cost of capital, leverage and dividend policy in a financial management context, accessing resources for growth from external sources;
  • Objective C: Appropriately end a venture. 

Student Learning Goal 4

Entrepreneurship Majors will understand entrepreneurship in the global marketplace.

Students will: 
  • Objective A: Know the relationship between domestic entrepreneurship and international entrepreneurship, based on economic, political, legal and cultural systems;
  • Objective B: Know how to adapt domestic entrepreneurship to the global market.