Program Overview 

Canisius is one of only a few colleges to offer a major in entrepreneurship.  Our program is specifically designed to help you create your own businesses.  Described as the “liberal arts” of business, the entrepreneurship major opens you to a wide range of career possibilities, including: 

  • Acquire an existing business or franchise or start up a new venture
  • Manage an existing family business for growth
  • Engage in intrapreneurship, i.e., develop new products or programs or evaluate and pursue potential merger or acquisition candidates within a mature corporation.
  • Create new enterprises or inventions which address societal needs in new and different ways through work in the public sector.

Great opportunities for personal wealth and career fulfillment comes from the above.  Smaller growth companies have become a significant source of economic growth in employment and new technology, products and services. Virtually all of the net growth in employment in our country since 1975 has come from new ventures and small businesses.

You will be encouraged to combine entrepreneurship with another discipline for a dual major.  Because the program already provides depth in management and marketing, these are typical choices.  Science and technology fields also hold great potential for entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurship major at Canisius draws upon management, marketing and finance to provide students with a broad background in business while developing entrepreneurial skills and insights. You will learn to identify and evaluate business opportunities, acquire capital and other resources, and start, develop, grow, and sell a business interest.

The curriculum emphasizes creativity, innovation and interpersonal skills.  The entrepreneurship major is career oriented with courses built upon a business core but tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. You will discover your innate entrepreneurial potential and gain a set of tools and perspectives to capitalize on that potential