Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Get Your Hands Dirty in the Environmental Science Program

Coursework includes biology, chemistry, geology and statistics but the greatest learning experiences are outside the classroom. You may work with faculty to study bird migration, to test the effects of the environment on insect populations, or to determine characteristics of local streams and ponds. Students who don’t want to get their hands dirty need not apply. But those who do will stand out in a field (sometimes literally) with this very hands-on, interdisciplinary program.

Why Study Environmental Science at Canisius

  • Students often collaborate on research with our respected faculty. Leah Polvinale and Katherine Carbeck, both class of 2016, are working with Sara Morris, PhD, on research studying the flight calls of songbirds during migration.
  • You will complete two internships as part of the program.  This will make you a highly sought after worker in a very competitive career. 
  • We maintain close relationships with employers and, based on their input, we update our curriculum regularly to prepare you for life after graduation.  For example, all majors now study geographic information systems (GIS) in their field ecology course. 
  • Recent graduates have accepted positions with Ecology and Environment, RECRA Environmental Consulting, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Alaskan Observers.

Want more information?

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