Environmental <br>Studies

Learn Globally, Act Locally & Be “Green” with the Environmental Studies Major 

Here, you will learn how cultural, economic and social forces shape the environmental challenges of the 21st century.  But the environmental studies program goes beyond the classroom.  It requires you to think critically about environmental issues by participating in active learning experiences.  

This interdisciplinary approach lays the foundation for a wide-range of careers but perhaps more importantly, it enables you to apply your knowledge of environmental studies to affect positive change.  

Why Study Environmental Studies at Canisius

  • Research, internships with organizations such as the Buffalo Niagara RiverKeeper and the Clean Air Coalition of Western New York, capstone and community-based learning opportunities, give students the best multifaceted experiences in helping local companies and organizations find ways to conserve energy resources while saving money. 
  • Students can enter the workforce directly upon graduation in career opportunities at for-profit companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies, working as researchers, educators and community activists.
  • The environmental studies program at Canisius is enhanced by the strong Jesuit ideals of ethics, social justice and care for others.  It’s this underlying framework that enhances your understanding of how deeply the quality of the environment affects those who live in it.  
  • Because issues such as climate change and resource conservation are world-wide issues, students are encouraged to participate in the study abroad program to get a global view of how people affect the environment in which they live.  

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