Environmental <br>Studies

Program Overview

In an effort to better understand and improve the world we live in, and our children will inherit, the Environmental Studies program analyzes how people and their actions affect the environment they live in.

The Environmental Studies major focuses on interdisciplinary connections between environmental and social systems. You will think critically about environmental issues and you will actively participate in experiences where you can apply your knowledge. Natural science perspectives of environmental studies are of course incorporated, but in this program environmental issues are viewed as a consequence of the interactions and relationships within social systems.

The Environmental Studies major differs from the Environmental Science major through its interdisciplinary approach. Environmental Science students extend their study of the cultural, economic, and social forces that shape the environmental challenges of the 21st century. By combining environmental science with social sciences, business and economics and the humanities, we integrate our perspective on environmental issues. This gives you a strong foundation for a wide range of careers.

As a Canisius Environmental Studies major, you will serve your community with the knowledge and skills necessary to work towards environmental change. In doing so, you will continue to care for the individual by assessing the environment in which we live. Canisius is located in Buffalo, NY – a city with a rich industrial past that has affected both our community and environment in the wake of its demise. The focus on social justice is essential in Buffalo, as environmental justice is inherent to the full understanding of social justice.

As a necessary component for providing social justice to all members of society, the environmental justice movement has focused on individual’s right to live free from environmental contamination and pollution. Catholic social teaching reminds us that marginalized members of society experience the harshest environmental realities. This major furthers the knowledge and understanding of these problems and direct students with the skills to address issues through policy, economics and applied research.