Canisius College Recycling

On December 1, 2008, Canisius instituted a college-wide recycling policy which attempts to reduce waste, promote recycling and maintain, as well as promote, a clean, sustainable and environmentally conscious campus. The Facilities Management Department will support this policy and monitor its progress. Our goal is 100 percent college community involvement. Therefore, faculty and staff in all offices and departments are expected to participate in the recycling effort. Resident students are also expected to participate in campus recycling efforts by utilizing the centralized recycling centers strategically located at all residence halls. Lack of participation will be addressed on a case-by-case basis as the success of this program depends on everyone’s contribution.

In order to carry-out the collection and disposal process in an efficient and cost effective manner, recycling and rubbish collection containers will be emptied on alternate days of the week.

Recycling basket distribution

Recycling baskets, which can be attached to rubbish containers, will be distributed on or before December 1, 2008. If you do not receive a basket by Tuesday, December 2, 2008, please contact the Facilities Management Office at Ext. 2250 and a team member will deliver one to you.

Pick-up Schedule

  • Rubbish baskets will be emptied on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • Recycling baskets will be emptied on Tuesday & Thursday.

Recyclable waste

The following items are to be placed in recycling collection containers:

  • All office paper, post-it-notes, brown paper bags.
  • Newspapers and the materials bundled with newspapers.
  • Phone books.
  • Catalogs, magazines and junk mail.
  • Brown corrugated cardboard and cereal boxes.
  • All metal food and beverage containers, metal lids and closure caps.
  • Glass - Clear, green and brown containers.
  • Plastic - Milk, water, juice, soft drink and detergent containers.

Non-Recyclable waste

The following items are to be placed in rubbish collection containers:

  • Napkins, tissues, paper towels, wrapping paper, wax paper and any food-soiled paper.
  • Pizza boxes and wax coated cartons such as those used to package beverages, frozen and dairy containers.
  • Foam plates & cups, plastic cup lids, snack bags and fast food containers.
  • Broken glass, light bulbs, mirrors, Pyrex and Tupperware.

Bosch and Frisch

On each floor of the dorms are bins for segregation of trash for newspaper/cardboard, glass and plastic items. Please remember to kindly rinse out items to aviod contamination. This procedure at the dorms services 530 students.

Delavan Townhouses

In the Delavan Townhouses students can comingle recyclable items in their rooms and then segregate them into the correct bins in the trash rooms. Please remember to kindly rinse out items to avoid contamination. This procedure services 324 students.

Village Townhouses, Main Humboldt and Griffin Hal

At the Village Townhouses, Main Humboldt, and Griffin Hall Residences, students are encouraged to comingle their recyclables in their apartments and deposit them in the recycling sheds located in the parking lots at both sites. This procedure services 362 students.

Main Campus

There are various points throughout the campus that have recycling bins (for paper and cardboard) for everyone to use. Below are the locations for the bins, please take every opportunity to use them.

Computer lab

In the basement of the library, go down the main stairs and walk straight ahead and there will be a sign that indicates the Computer Lab.Basement by vending machine – In the basement, go down the stairs and immediately on the right are the vending machines (before you go through the glass doors)1st Floor, next to copy machines – Go into the library, through the glass doors and turn styles, immediately on your right is the 1st floor copy room enclosed in glass. If you take the elevator, make a left and the bin is right there. Reference staff room on 1st floor – When walking in the library go past the copy machines and make a right. The reference desk is on the right across from the row of computers.

Conference room next to bulletin board on 1st floor

Go straight into the library, past the checkout area and make a left between the desk and stacks of books. The conference room is on the left.

Horan O'Donnell Science Building (Outside of room 009)

In the basement, when coming from Old Main through the tunnels, the recycling bin is on your right hand side before you get to Science Building 014.

Bookstore (2 bins)

The bookstore is located in the basement of the Student Center. Going through the tunnel from the Science Building, the bookstore is on the left.

Outside of Nurse's Station

The Health Center is located in the basement of Frisch Hall. When walking through the tunnels from the Student Center into Frisch Hall the Nurse’s Station is on the right in the corner area.

Outside of Palisano Computer Lab

The Palisano Computer Lab is located on the basement floor of Palisano. When in the tunnels, walk up the stairs and it leads you into the Computer Lab.

Hallway Next to Public Safety

Public Safety is located in the basement of Bosch Hall. When going through the tunnels from the Palisano, Public Safety is located in the basement right after the laundry room.

Outside of Bagen 002

In the basement of Bagen, between the Print Shop and the Mailroom, is where this recycling bin is located.

Basement of Tower by elevators

When in the basement of Old Main, coming from Bagen, make a right into the tunnel leading to the Tower. The recycling bin is located right between the elevators and the Secretarial Center.

Off Main Campus
  • Basement in Lyons Hall, across from the Green Room
  • Lyons Hall, Floors 2, 3, & 4
  • Basement of Health Science Building
  • Health Science Building, second floor by Bursar's Office
  • Koessler Athletic Center - Vending Machine Room