William H. Fitzpatrick Institute of Public Affairs and Leadership

The William H. Fitzpatrick Institute of Public Affairs and Leadership at Canisius College remains true to William Fitzpatrick’s guiding belief that political leaders can be trained for the profession of politics.  The highly acclaimed Fitzpatrick Lecture Series continues within the context of an academic institute at Canisius that sponsors additional academic initiatives to enrich the learning environment and opportunities for its students.

Besides the lecture series, The Fitzpatrick Institute sponsors and facilitates other public affairs and leadership programming, such as more focused lectures, workshops and symposia, with the intention of bringing Canisius students into close contact with ideas and people who are contributing to American political life.

The Fitzpatrick Institute encourages Canisius students to develop leadership potential through close contact with, and exposure to, those involved in societal leadership with travel experiences to Washington DC, Albany, New York City, and to locations abroad.  Internship experiences and educational opportunities, on-campus and off, both in Western New York and elsewhere, are encouraged and supported, as is volunteerism with political campaigns, political parties, and interest groups.