Ignatian Seminar Program

For the past several years, Dr. Timothy Wadkins has directed a series of summer immersion courses in third world locations. These courses offer month long, intense, immersion opportunities in places like the Philippines, Mexico and El Salvador. Pedagogically, they emphasize "education for life." Students are not only exposed to religion in underdeveloped locations, but also to the desperate economic and political conditions of marginalized peoples. As a result, these programs help them become better global citizens. The project partakes of the Jesuit Volunteer Corp's creed "Come and get ruined for life." Thus far over 40 percent of the participants in this program have gone on to pursue volunteer and vocational positions in various part of the world.

Although the seminars will take place in the summer, each seminar will constitute a fall semester, three credit courses applicable for credit in Religious Studies, International Relations, or, as electives in a varieties of disciplines. Since participants receive a two-thirds scholarship, student costs for each of seminars will be approximately $1,000 which includes all travel, room, board and program expenses.

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First-year students who have at least taken RST 101;
Current sophomores, juniors and seniors with a GPA of at least 3.0 or higher.

For more information about the summer study abroad trips, please contact Dr. Timothy Wadkins at 1-716-888-2824.