Immersion East Side

June 2-14, 2014

Sponsored by the Institute for the Global Study of Religion 

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Seminar Leaders

Dr. Devonya Havis, Philosophy and
Dr. Patricia Christian, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice  

This immersion seminar will run June 2-14, 2014. It is a three credit, fall semester course whose major component takes place during the field seminar in the East Side of Buffalo. During the fall semester participants will continue to meet periodically to process and integrate their experiences and to plan and execute projects based on their experiences. 

General Overview

As in past Ignatian seminars, the Immersion East Side will feature visits to churches and religious communities, business and educational institutions, depressed neighborhoods, grass-roots community-action organizations, cultural arts and performance venues, ethnic eateries, and more.  It will also feature lectures by, and interviews with, academics, politicians, social workers, pastors, and other community leaders. The seminar will be dynamic, exciting, demanding, fun, and potentially transformational as you encounter, right here in the College’s back yard, a part of the world not typically experienced by our students--even in study abroad trips. Note well, however--this is a course, not a service trip and not a vacation. There are rigorous standards of behavior, and high academic expectations, and the pace will be fairly intense. Our days will be filled with a variety of experiences, some of which may be difficult and culturally disorienting. Our evenings will almost always consist of group reflection sessions. 

Please Note:  We can only accept 8 participants.  


Undergraduate participants will be charged $250.  


3 Hours:  Core credit for Field Studies in RST (Field 1) plus the Justice Attribute Credit.  In addition, the Immersion course counts for an elective credit in the Justice minor. 


All applicants must: 

  1. have at least sophomore standing as of Fall 2013,
  2. possesses a minimum of a 3.0 overall GPA,
  3. be in good health,
  4. be willing to live and work closely with others in simple circumstances,
  5. be willing to do without electronic communication and information devices most of the time,
  6. be expected to participate fully and with enthusiasm in daily reflection sessions,
  7. be interested in and committed to the ethical and spiritual values of social justice,
  8. be willing to explore the personal, spiritual dimensions of immersion in a different cultural milieu.