Master of Science
Childhood Education

Master of Science<br>Childhood Education

Required Courses

Required Courses for Certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)

Course Title Credit Hours
EDCH 598 Professional Seminar 0
EDCH 502

Foundation of Literacy Instruction

(includes 30 hours of field experience)

EDU 505 Foundations of Education 3
EDCH 509

Teaching Literacy with Diverse Populations


EDCH 515 Assessment for Instruction 3
EDCH 540 Childhood Learning and Development 3
SPE 541 Inclusive Strategies 3
EDCH 543 Mathematics Instruction: Elementary 3
EDCH 545 Science Instruction: Elementary 3
EDCH 546 Elementary Social Studies Instruction 3
EDCH 570 

Seminar in Teaching & Assessment: Childhood 

Includes 70-100 hours of field experience  (prerequisite: EDCH 502)

EDCH 593 

Student Teaching:  Childhood

Five days per week, full time experience

EDCH 594 Student Teaching Seminar 0
EDU 595 Child Abuse Seminar 0
EDU 596 Prevention of School Violence Seminar 0
EDU 597 Dignity for All Students Seminar (DASA) 0
Total   39

Additional Course Required for Master of Science in Education (Childhood)



Credit Hours

EDCH 615 

Research Methods

Note: may be completed during the

student teaching semester, if desired




42 Credits

Candidates wishing to obtain an extension to teach grades 7-9 (middle childhood) must take the following additional courses:

Title Course Credit Hours
EMC 552 Human Growth and Development: Middle Childhood 3
EMC 553 Cognition, Learning, Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching: Middle Childhood 3

Additionally, candidates must possess a 30 credit hour academic concentration in a teaching discipline and pass the Content Specialty Test in the area of concentration.

Candidates wishing to obtain certification in Early Childhood (Birth-grade 2) may take one additional course: 

Title Course Credit Hours
EDY 509 Early Childhood Curriculum 3

 Minimum grade required is a B-.  Once complete, candidates will apply to NY State via the TEACH pathway of Individual Evaluation for an Additional Certification.  When submitting the application, select Erie 1 BOCES as the processor, rather than NYSED.

 Candidates who have completed requirements for initial teacher certification may use EDR 508 (Emergent Literacy) to obtain the early childhood certification.

Required Certification Exams for Initial Certification:
 Individuals seeking a teaching certificate must achieve qualifying scores on a set of assessments as part of the New York State Teacher Certification Examination Program.