Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Deaf Education Admission Requirements

  • Free online application The application includes a Letter of Intent: maximum 250-word typed essay describing how this program ties into your professional goals.  Explain your prior experience and interest in deafness, deaf people, and/or teaching in deaf education area.  In your essay, describe in detail your experience with ASL, a Signed English System, or Cued Speech.  This can be submitted in the essay section.
  • Official Bachelor's Degree Transcript. Unofficial or in progress transcripts are acceptable to begin the admissions review process. Applicants for the Fall 2016 semester and beyond will be expected to have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Applicants with less than a 3.0 undergraduate GPA will undergo additional review.
  •  Test Scores:

    For candidates who already possess an initial teaching certification and are pursuing entrance into a professional certification MS program, a standardized test score is required. Candidates can submit GRE, MAT, or ALST test scores to complete this requirement. Contact admissions staff with questions.  

    For candidates pursuing entrance into an initial certification teaching program, a standardized test score is required.  Candidates can submit GRE, MAT, SAT, or ACT test scores to complete this requirement. Contact admissions staff with questions.

  • Evidence of current or pending teaching certification
  • Personal interview with the program director.


A completed application should be submitted as soon as possible in order for applicants to be admitted for the fall semester of the year they desire to begin classes. Those applicants without prior teacher certification courses may choose to take the necessary additional certification coursework in summer sessions or during the fall or spring semesters.

All items can be mailed, faxed or emailed to:

Canisius College
Graduate Admissions Office - Lyons Hall 120
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208

Fax - 716-888-3290

Email - 

Questions? Contact Us at 1-800-950-2505 or 1-716-888-2545