Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Advance Your Career with a Degree in Differentiated Instruction

This program is designed for teachers who already possess teaching certification and want to specialize in meeting the diverse needs of learners in mixed-ability classrooms.  Teachers will gain expertise in differentiating instruction in order to challenge all students, including gifted students.

The degree in Differentiated Instruction meets the master’s degree requirement for permanent or professional teacher certification in the state of New York.  The degree also meets the requirements for a certification extension in Gifted Education.

Certification in Gifted Education will allow teachers to serve as enrichment specialists and GT specialists in schools locally and across the nation. In addition, high school teachers with certification in Gifted Education will be better prepared to teach advanced classes. 

With the DI program, classroom teachers learn motivating teaching strategies that allow them to differentiate instruction for students with diverse learning needs including struggling students, English Language Learners, students with different learning styles and gifted students. 

The DI program can be completed in one year. Classes are on-campus or hybrid (meeting half on-campus and half online). This program includes nine credits of electives. Electives can include courses from other programs and can possibly lead to additional certifications or credits towards future certifications. Program alumni serve as mentors and contacts for future employment. 

Schools/Programs Employing Canisius College Differentiated Instruction Graduates:

  • South Buffalo Charter
  • Arcade Elementary
  • Sweet Home
  • St. John the Baptist
  • Gow School
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