Canisius for Kids

Canisius for Kids (C4K) is an interdisciplinary camp for kids promoting the use of creative-thinking skills.  Open to all Buffalo-area students entering grades 4-8, this camp pairs certified teachers trained in differentiated instruction with students looking for rich, engaging activities that integrate art, music, and technology with math, science, history and language arts.

The camp is sponsored by Canisius College, and staffed by faculty and students of the college's Differentiated Instruction Master's Program.

For more information about the Differentiated Instruction Program, please contact Kara M. Schwabel, Director, at 716-888-3704 or

C4K Summer Camp 2013

PUFF - The Newest "ALLO" @ Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library (ALB)

Puff, our newest animal kingdom visitor, is the creation of C4K, Canisius For Kids.  This interdisciplinary summer camp promotes creative-thinking skills, focuses on a theme, which was BUFFALO: Past, Present, Future.  In 2013 the camp inspired the conception of Puff.

Certified teachers trained in Differentiated Instruction served as camp counselors and created engaging activities in the areas of math, science, history and language arts.  Buffalo area campers in 4th - 8th grade came together for a week, and Puff was delivered around July 27, 2013 with the help of C4K's Purple Team.  Like all newborns, she was kept under wraps for a while until she became acclimated to her surroundings.

But today, she takes her public bow for the first time at ALB Library.  We hear she's proud to be on the Buffalo Baby Boom trail with her friends at the Buffalo Zoo.  Polar Bear cubs, Luna and Kali, and Baby Lowland Gorilla (born September 4).

Puff's coat is paper mache (The Buffalo News with a hint of Art Voice). Her accents include tissue paper tufts at the hooves, glitter, original crayon drawings, and aluminum foil bedazzlers, and a mane of yarn, ribbon, and construction paper.  She will not reveal the origin of her hat.  She enjoys posing for photos as much as her friend, Moses, the Griffalo.

Puff, the libraries newest animal kingdom visitor.

Puff is the creation of the C4K, Canisius For Kids Summer 2013 camp.