Master's of Science
Special Education

Master's of Science<br>Special Education

Advanced Special Education Program Curriculum

This program is available for those who already certified in both Childhood and Special Education and provides in-depth study in research based techniques for students with disabilities. 

Course Requirements
SPEA: Advanced Program in Childhood Special Education for those already holding Childhood and Special Education Certification

The following courses are required of all candidates:
Course Title Credits
SPE 570 Standards Based Assessment 3
598 Professional Seminar 0
SPE 644 Collaborative Practices on a Trans-disciplinary Team 3
SPE 615 Research Methods 3
SPE 639 Therapeutic Approaches for Disruptive Behavior 3
SPE 653 Behavior Management + Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis 3
SPE 649 Transition Issues for Adolescents with Disabilities 3
SPE 650 Autism Spectrum and Severe Developmental Disorders: Analysis of Causes + Research-Based Interventions 3
*SPE 696 Transition Point Check 0
Elective   3
Elective   3
Elective   3
  Total Credit Hours 30

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