Initial Adolescence Plus Special Education Course Information


Required Core Courses for Initial Certification in Adolescence Special Ed

Course Title Credit Hours
EDCH 598 Professional Seminar 0
EDAD 502 Foundations of Literacy 3
EDAD 534 Teaching Strategies: Adolescence 3
EDAD 535 Human Growth & Development: Adolescence 3
SPE 536 Differentiated Instruction for Diverse Learners 3
EDAD 561-566 Methods of Teaching Course (Choose appropriate one for certification content area) 3
SPE 570 Standards Based Assessment 3
SPE 580 Classroom Management 3
SPE 631 Reading & Writing for Students with Disabilities* 3
SPE 640 Learning and Behavioral Disorders: Etiology and Research-Based Interventions 3
SPE 644 Collaborative Practices on a Transdisciplinary Team 3
SPE 649 Transition Issues for Students with Disabilities 3
SPE 650 Autism Spectrum & Severe Developmental Disorders 3
SPE 652 Functional Curriculum & Assistive Technology for Students with Severe Developmental Disabilities and ASD* 3

*requires 25 hours of field experience

Candidates must also meet course prerequisites which include six semester hours in English, science, social studies, math and three semester hours in a foreign language.  Two full years in high school will meet the requirement.

Course Title Credit Hours
SPE 615 Research Methods 3
SPE 698 Seminar in Teaching and Assessment (50 hours - must include whole-class instruction in adol. classroom; prereq B or higher in 631 and 652) 3
SPE 593 Student Teaching (one placement in special education, one in adolescence content area) Prereq is B or better in SPE 631, 652, & 698 9
EDU 595 Child Abuse Seminar 0
EDU 596 Prevention of School Violence Seminar 0
EDU 597 Dignity for All Students (DASA) Seminar 0
SPE 594 Student Teaching Seminar 0
  Total Credits: 54

Required Certification Exams for Initial Certification in Adol. Content Area and Adolescence Special Education:
Individuals seeking a teaching certificate must achieve qualifying scores on a set of assessments as part of the New York State Teacher Certiciation Examination Program. Visit the link below for more information:

Other Certification Requirements:

1.  Fingerprinting

2.  Child Abuse Seminar

3.  Prevention of School Violence Seminar

4.  Dignity for All Students (DASA ) Seminar

Optional: Middle Childhood Extensions for Grades 5-6
Note: This is a regular middle childhood extension in the content area, not a disabilities extension.

Course Title Credit Hours
EMC 552 Human Growth and Development: Middle Childhood 3
EMC 553 Cognition, Learning, Assessment & Diagnostic Teaching: Middle Childhood 3

Click here for degree requirement summary (DRS) sheet.