Summer Sessions for Online TESOL

Summer Session I: May 19 - July 3 (7 weeks) *

  • TESL 581/Cultural Perspectives in Multilingual Education
  • TESL 582/Theory and Practice of Multilingual Education
  • TESL 583/Linguistics, Literacy, and Second Language Acquisition
  • TESL 586/Teaching Subject Areas in Native Languages
  • EDR 515/Measurement & Statistics (MS in TESOL only)

Summer Session II: June 23 - August 8 (7 weeks) *

  • TESL 584/Methods of Teaching Native Language Arts
  • TESL 585/Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
  • TESL 587/Evaluation of Curriculum and Assessment of Native Language and TESOL Instruction
  • TESL 588/Supervised Fieldwork in TESOL
  • EDR 616/Research Methods

* Please note that the summer sessions overlap by 2 weeks.