Retention FAQ's


I don’t understand my student bill. Who should I talk to?

Student Accounts: BA-106; (716)-888-2801

Students and parents who have questions regarding their bill should visit the Student Accounts Office located on the second floor of the Health Science building or call 888-2801. The Student Accounts staff can also assist with payment plan options if necessary.

I think I am eligible for a work-study job. How do I find a position?

Financial Aid: OM-100; (716)-888-2300

Students who are granted Federal Work-Study are notified of the placement process by the Financial Aid Office (OM 100) at the start of the semester.  After viewing an on-line list of jobs, students apply for jobs that interest them.  There are many positions available, however, placement is not guaranteed. If you need assistance with the process, contact Michelle Rizzo, Assistant Director, Financial Aid, or email:

I am having difficulty paying for college. Who can I speak to about other financial aid and scholarship options?

Financial Aid: OM-100; (716)-888-2300

Our Financial Aid staff can review your individual case and advise you of other alternative loan options. Please call them to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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Campus Life

I need some assistance preparing for a job interview. Is there anyone who can help?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement OM-013; (716)-888-2170

Counselors are available to assist students at every step of career development from graduate school and major exploration to resume building and mock interviews. To schedule an appointment, stop by the GRIFF Center Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.or Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or call (716) 888-2170.

Should I buy my books new or used?

Weigh the pros and cons through this informative flyer: Textbook Options

The residents in the room above mine are always noisy late at night. How should I resolve the issue?

Student Life:  DH-LL; (716)-888-8300

Courtesy hours are in effect at all times (including quiet hours) and are defined as the period during which each resident or visitor must act with consideration toward others in college housing, especially as it relates to noise.  Each student or visitor has the responsibility of ensuring that his or her noise does not become disruptive or destructive to the college housing environment. “Quiet hours” are the minimum prescribed period of quiet outlined by the Office of Residence Life.  These hours are as follows: Sunday – Thursday: 10 p.m. – 10 a.m.; Friday – Saturday: 12 a.m. – 10 a.m. If the problem continues, discuss it with your RA.

I don’t feel that my RA is resolving issues on the floor properly. What should I do?

Student Life:  DH-LL; (716)-888-8300

If you feel as if your Resident Assistant is not properly communicating the necessary steps to resolving an issue on your floor, you should contact your Hall Director or visit the Office of Residence Life. It is located in the basement level of Dugan Residence Hall.

I am interested in starting a club/organization on campus. What steps should I take?

Student Life: DH-LL; (716)-888-8300

Students who wish to create a club or organization on campus can click here for more information or visit the CPLD office.

Where can I find the on-campus dining hours and locations?

Chartwells Dining Services: WC- 1st Floor; (716)-888-2565

The hours for all dining locations are posted on the Economou Dining Hall website. To view the hours: click here.

I saw a poster about Alternative Spring Break, where would I find more information?

Campus Ministry: OM-207; (716)-888-2420

Campus Ministry provides students with an alternative spring break activity. Additionally, they offer a number of other service and spiritual experiences throughout the year. For more information visit the Office of Campus Ministry or call 888-2420.

I am feeling overwhelmed with the adjustment to college and being away from home. Is there someone I can speak with confidentially about my feelings?

Counseling Center: BH-105; (716)-888-2620

Canisius College provides free individual and group counseling by professional counselors to all students. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, call (716)-888-2620, or stop by the Counseling Center.

I have been feeling sick lately and am unsure if I am well enough to attend my classes. Who should I see?

Student Health Center: FH-LL; 888-2610

Students who would like to see a healthcare professional should schedule an appointment using GriffMed,the on line appointment scheduler for currently enrolled Canisius students.  Students who miss class must alert professors and initiate discussions about making up missed work. Please note that some professors may request medical documentation if absences exceed the course attendance policy.

I have a documented disability and require accommodations. Who should I see?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

The GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement coordinates services for students with disabilities who are registered with the office. Based on disability documentation, The GRIFF Center will determine appropriate accommodations on a case-by-case/course-by-course basis. Students eligible for this accommodation are asked to make a formal request every semester and for each class in which there is a need.

I am an international student and am having trouble adapting to the Canisius environment. Who can I talk to?

International Student Programs: FH- LL; (716)-888-2784

International students face many challenges as they adapt to a foreign environment.  To address these special needs, the Office of International Student Programs (ISP) provides extensive support services to enhance students experience at Canisius and in America. For further information, call 716-888-2784.

My parents would like to send a care package to me while at Canisius. How do I receive packages?

Mailroom: SH-1022; (716)-888-2245

Packages are received by the Canisius College mailroom. Check your GriffMail account for notification that your package has arrived. You must go the Canisius Mailroom with you student ID to pick up your package.

I am interested in getting involved with multicultural awareness efforts on Campus. Who should I speak to?

Multicultural Programs: FH-LL 008; (716)-888-2787

The ALANA Student Center offers an array of services for ALANA (African American, Latino/a American, Asian American and Native American) students as well as culturally diverse programming for the campus community. Please stop by to see how you can become involved.

Are there things to do on campus for Commuter Students?

Student Life: DH-LL; (716)-888-8300

Yes! The Commuter Student Association plans numerous events exclusively for commuter students. Past events include Commuter Appreciation Week, Battle of the Bands, BBQs, the Breakfast-on-the-Go series, Massage-on-the-Go programs, a Defensive Driving course and more! The Office of Student Life also plans programs for commuter students through our “Commuter Life: We’ve Got Drive” series. Check out what’s happening by clicking on the calendar link off of the Canisius home page or IM the Commuter Student Liaison, Katie Martoche, assistant director of Campus Programming & Leadership Development at Canisius Commuter.  Click here for more commuter student information.

I would like some information about studying abroad. Who can I speak to about my options?

Study Abroad: HO-014; (716)-888-2786

The International Student Programs office many student abroad placements for Canisius students. The director can assist you with every step of the process. Visit or call to set up an appointment to explore your options!

I’m kind of shy and not the type of person who usually join things, especially when I don’t know anyone. How I can learn more about a group before I go to a meeting or event?

Student Life: DH-LL; (716)-888-8300

There are many ways to learn about the student organizations at Canisius. A good place to start is here online where there is a complete listing of student groups.  You can also stop in to talk with a Student Life staff member about which club or organization is right for you.

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I am failing a course. What should I do?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

The first thing you should do is to meet with your professor to discuss your grade and options. If further advisement is needed students can seek help from their academic advisor, the Student Advisement Center, or the Student Success & Retention office.

I am not doing very well in one of my courses and I am having difficulty understanding the material. Who can help?

Tutoring Center: OM-315; 888-2525

The Tutoring Center provides a variety of opportunities for students to achieve academic success. The services are free-of-charge and open to all Canisius students. Individual tutoring services allow students to receive one-on-one academic assistance from peer and professional tutors. Tutors are available in the majority of academic disciplines and employ various academic strategies to help address individual student needs. Additionally, students should discuss their academic struggles with the instructor directly. May times professors offer to review material with students having difficulty.

I am considering taking summer courses. How do I do this?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

  • Step 1: Review GriffAudit, and seek assistance from your academic advisor
  • Step 2: View the Canisius summer course offerings
  • Step 3: Register; No pin number is necessary

*Students who wish to take a course at another institution must have courses preapproved. Click here for more information about the process.

I want to change my major. Who should I talk to and how do I go about the process?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

Freshmen interested in changing majors should go to the Student Advisement Center. Students officially change majors at the Registrar’s Office by completing a change of data form.

I need to change my major, but I don’t know what to choose. Who can I talk to?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

There are several places you can go for assistance. If you are thinking about a particular major and would like more information about it you may consider visiting with a professor in that department. If you are unsure about choices Career Services in The GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement is a great place to start. They have tools to help you identify your interests and information about how to apply those interests to a major and a future career. Please call or visit for information. Additionally, you should speak to your current advisor about your uncertainty so they can properly advise you on course selection.

I am dealing with a personal issue that is interfering with my course work and I am unsure if I can continue taking classes. Who should I talk to? 

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

The staff in The GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement is available to meet with students one-on-one to discuss options and will refer you to the appropriate office/staff member, if necessary. You might also consider meeting with your academic advisor.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay at Canisius. Who should I tell?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

The GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement is the place to start! A conversation with a staff member will help you to understand your options and the process if a leave of absence or transfer is necessary.

I lost my registration PIN. What should I do?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

The first thing a student should do is contact his or her advisor. If the advisor cannot be reached, contact The GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement at the number above.

I don’t think I am registered for the right classes for my major. Who should I talk to?

GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement: OM-013; (716)-888-2170

Conduct a GriffAudit, which outlines courses in which you are currently registered for as well as completed courses that apply to your major.  Then, meet with your academic advisor for further discussion. The GRIFF Center staff is also available to assist students with these types of questions.

I am having trouble using the course registration system. Who should I talk to?

Student Records and Registration: BA-106; (716)-888-2990

First, meet with your advisor to discuss any issues or concerns about the registration process. If you have further questions or there is an error in your registration, contact the Office of Student Records and Registration at 888-2990. Please note that the Office of Student Records is available each of the four Saturday mornings of initial registration from 8:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. to assist students.

I think there is an error on my GriffAudit. Who should I talk to?

Student Records and Registration: BA-106; (716)-888-2990

The Office of Student Records can review your academic record/GriffAudit and make adjustments if necessary. Please visit them in Bagen Hall for assistance.

I am having trouble finding reliable sources for my research paper. Who can help?

Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library: BL; (716)-88-8411

There are Reference Librarians available at the Single Service Desk on the first Floor of the Library to answer questions and assist with research. Stop in or click here to make an appointment.

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