Student Retention

Student Retention

Student Success Assistance Program

This program’s objective is to promote a four year graduation goal by encouraging first year students, who are academically “off track,” to make up credits during the summer months prior to the start of their second year. The Student Success Assistance Program offers a grant to help students offset the cost of summer courses. Eligible students may apply for a grant to cover up to two-thirds of the tuition cost (fees not included).

"On Track" versus "Off Track"

A freshman who attends for 2 semesters (fall + spring) would be considered on track if they completed a total of 30 credits for the year. These include AP, transfer, and college credits earned in high school. Please note that students majoring in the natural sciences may be considered on track if they have completed a total of 28 or more credits depending on math placement.

Who is Eligible? A first year student who is in good standing with the college and has attended Canisius for 2 semesters (fall and spring), will be considered off track if they do not achieve a total of 30 earned credits by the conclusion of the spring semester (including AP, transfer credit and college credit earned in high school). Special exceptions may be made for students who attended for just 1 semester or transferred. If you do not fit the description above, please call the Griff Center for Academic Engagement at 888-2170 to learn if you qualify.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible?

Eligible students will receive information about the Student Success Assistance Program via e-mail and USPS mail during the spring semester. If you did not receive any information but believe you may be eligible, please complete an application and submit it to the Griff Center for Academic Engagement in OM 013. You may also call the Griff Center at 888-2170 to set up an appointment to review your Griff Audit with a staff member. 

Summer 2016 Pricing 

Tuition for one 3 Credit Hour Course

Grant Amount

Tuition Student Pays

$ 2,910.00 + fees


$970.00 + fees
(see below for fee info.)

College Fees For Part Time Enrollment (1-11 credit hours)

College Fee: $13.00/credit hour                                                                                                                                                     Student Tax: $18.00 (flat rate)                                                                                                                                                 Technology Fee: $7.50/credit hour

How to Apply

During the spring semester, students should submit an application, completed in its entirety, to the Griff Center for Academic Engagement (Old Main 013).  Students who are approved for the grant will receive an award letter via USPS mailed to their home address. The award letter must be signed and returned before the grant is applied to the student’s bill (tuition only). 

Click here to download the 2016 application.

Click here to access the program overview.


Students should speak with their academic advisor and review their GriffAudit to ensure proper course selection.

Course Registration

Registration for summer courses will begin in late March. Current Canisius students may enroll in courses through the Banner online registration system without an alternate pin number. Please review our summer class list by using the “look up classes” function in your MyCanisius portal.

Online Courses

During the summer, Canisius offers a number of courses online. Students who live outside the Buffalo area or have job responsibilities that prohibit them from attending classes on campus may wish to consider this option.

Free Housing

Student Life is offering free housing on a first come, first served basis, to students who participate in the Student Success Assistance program for the duration of their summer courses only.  Space is limited, so please be sure to complete the summer housing application early if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity.   Click here to download the 2016 Free Housing application.