Student Retention

Student Retention

Withdrawal, Leave of Absence or Transfer Information

Should you decide to withdraw, take a leave of absence or transfer from the college, here's some information to make the transition easier.

NOTE: Graduate students must meet with their program director.

Cancellation/Drop Classes

Canceling or dropping classes refers to a cancelation of enrollment prior to or during the drop/add period. The drop/add period is during the first week of the academic semester. View the academic calendar for the official date. There will be no record of enrollment for students who drop classes prior to or during the drop/add period. 


A transfer refers to a student who wishes to leave Canisius College and attend another institution. If the student is currently enrolled in active courses and wishes to withdraw from those courses rather than complete them, a Total Withdrawal should be filed. To arrange for a transfer, call (716) 888-2170. Learn more.

Military Leave/Cancellation

An official military leave/withdrawal is reserved for students who have been called into active duty. It is not for students who are newly joining the military in lieu of attending school. For students joining the military please complete the Total Withdrawal forms.  Download a packet of information and necessary forms.

Leave Of Absence (Non Medical/Non Military)

Students who wish to return to the college at a later date may request a leave of absence. A student who attends another institution while on leave and/or does not register for two or more semesters and returns to the college, is required to follow the catalog requirements at the time they were first admitted to the college. Learn more.