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Academic Forms

Change of Major Form

This form can be used to declare a single major, dual or triple major and minor. Once completed this form should be returned to the Office of Student Records. Forms are also available online in MyCanisius and at the Griff Center for Academic Engagement.

Required Signatures: Student and Department Chair for each major and minor.

Change of Student Data Form

Students wishing to change their name, social security #, or date of birth should complete this form and return to the Office of Student Records along with the appropriate documentation. Forms are available online in MyCanisius and in the Office of Student Records and Registration. Required Signatures: Student

Graduation/Walker Form

Students who have not completed all degree requirements can complete this form when they wish to participate in the commencement ceremony. A student can only "walk" through the ceremony if he/she has no more than four courses to complete.  Forms are available from their Associate Dean.

Required Signatures: Student, Associate Dean

Incomplete Form

Instructors utilize this form when giving a student an incomplete grade. An incomplete grade is a temporary grade and allows the student time to complete coursework that, for serious reasons, could not be completed during the semester. This form must be obtained and completed by the course instructor, who must then return the form to the appropriate Associate Dean.

Required Signatures: Course Instructor, Associate Dean

Internship/Independent Study Form

This form is utilized when a student is planning to participate in an internship or will be doing an independent study with an instructor. The student must fill out this form and obtain the appropriate approvals.

Internship/Independent Study Form--Arts & Science

Internship/Independent Study Form--Business

Required Signatures: Faculty Supervisor, Department Chair, Associate Dean

Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution

The student must complete this form if he/she is planning to take courses at another institution. This form must be filled out in advance of taking the course and the student must obtain the necessary approval. Course descriptions from the other institution need to be provided when making the request.

Required Signatures: Associate Dean. Possibly Department Chair, if the course being taken is in the student’s major.

Pass/Fail Form

This program is available only for free elective courses.  Core curriculum and major courses may not be taken under this program.  Only junior or senior level students may participate.  One course per semester may be taken- not to exceed a total of four (4) courses in the student's college career.  You must submit a copy of your GriffAudit attached to this form.  The course you are requesting as a pass/fail must be listed in the Free Elective section of your GriffAudit

Required Signatures: Student, Associate Dean

Registration Permit Form

This form is utilized if a student is attempting to obtain permission to get forced into a class. Forced registration may be necessary if the course is closed, a signature is required, there is a time conflict, pre-requisite conflict or co-requisite conflict. Forms are available in the Office of Student Records & Registration.

Required Signatures: Student, Instructor or Department Chair and possibly appropriate Associate Dean.

Withdrawal forms

This form is used when a student wants to withdraw from individual courses, not for withdrawal from the college.  A Withdrawal form for a particular course is utilized after the Drop/Add period ends. The student fills out the form and obtains the appropriate approvals.

Required Signatures: Student, Instructor, Financial Aid Representative, Advisor, possibly Associate Dean