All-College Honors

All-College Honors<br>Program

Scholarship Opportunities

Canisius honors students have been successful in winning many prestigious national awards and placing themselves in outstanding medical schools, law schools and graduate schools.  Our students have won Fullbright/Hays Fellowships to study abroad in a wide range of countries including Germany, Belgium, Spain, New Zealand, Austria, and Canada.  They have also won other national awards such as the Andrew Mellon Fellowship, the Truman Fellowship, the Jacob Javits Fellowship and the Arthur C. Carter Fellowship.

Moreover, honors students in recent years have placed themselves in excellent medical schools at Duke University, Georgetown University, Syracuse University, and the State University of New York at Buffalo.  They have also entered outstanding law schools at Cornell University, the University of Notre Dame, the State University of New York at Buffalo, and the University of Pittsburgh.  And, many honors students have won substantial fellowships, assistantships, and scholarships to pursue their doctoral studies at top ranking universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, Brown University, The University of Michigan, and Northwestern University.

I. Fulbright-Hays Scholarships

Adam Walter, 2008 (Peru)
Elise Garvey, 2007 (Ukraine)
Melanie Horton, 2007 (Mexico)
Stephen Altieri, 2002 (Canada)
Edward Snyder, 2002 (Germany)
Amy Lyons, 2001 (France)
Michael Slosek, 2001 (Canada)
Elizabeth Mangus, 2000 (Canada)
Benjamin Krass, 1999 (Spain)
Michael O'Sullivan, 1999 (Germany)
Rebecca Cressman, 1997 (Australia)
Marcella Kearns, 1995 (Austria)
Dan Sherman, 1995 (New Zealand)
Michael Klier, 1994 (Germany)
Carolyn Dudek, 1993 (Spain)
Eric Filipink, 1993 (Belgium)
Lisa Kuriscak, 1993 (Spain)
Maria Miller, 1993 (New Zealand)
Matthew Klaben, 1991 (Germany)
Thomas Malucci, 1988 (Germany)

II. Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship:

Steven Seegel, 1999

III. Truman Fellowship:

A.J. Bellia, 1991

IV. NCAA Woman of the Year:

Mary Beth Riley, 1991

V. Arthur H. Carter Scholarship in Accounting:

Joyce Zadzilka, 1991
Stephen Bubar, 1993
Brian Laibble, 1999

VI. Jacob Javits Scholarship:

Amy Whipple, 1997
Maureen Cody, 2000

VII. Rotary Fellowship:

Lynn Pokrzyk, 1998
Meghann Drury, 2001

VIII. Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program:

J. R. Lipartito, 2001 

VIIII. German Academic Exchange Service Grant (DAAD):

Zhasmina Tacheva ’14, 2012

To view an Adobe Acrobat PDF of Honors student placements since 1990, click here.