Human Resources

Mission & Philosophy:

  • BUILD TALENTED TEAMS - Committed to effectively identifying people who are principal resources that provide competitive academic excellence and services which lead Canisius College to be an employer of choice in Western New York.  Build strategic partnerships through collaboration, communication, and cooperation between Human Resource and all other departments across campus.  Manage workplace talent and teamwork, individual competence, and organizational capabilities that will develop/build a culture of dedicated faculty and staff to support strategic initiative and sustain results.

  • CULTURE -  Support the mission of Canisius College by fostering a culture of excellence that embraces inclusion and equitable practices, empowerment and trust to attract and retain top talent.  Create value by enhancing workforce effectiveness by supporting collaboration, communication and cooperation at all levels of the College.  Provide guidance to key leaders through analysis, reporting, model and forecast metrics to improve human-capital related decision in the best interest of the College.

  • TECHNOLOGY - Employ innovative technology to improve and optimize HR processes for more efficient and effective services.  Enhance HR service delivery capabilities and alignment by adapting, standardizing, and streamlining essential processes to shift workflow form transactional to strategic and compliance priorities.

  • COMPENSATION & BENEFITS - Ensure that the College's compensation and benefit programs are cost effective and exceed industry-standard service to our faculty and staff, including a thorough evaluation of the College's specific short and long term strategic initiatives.  Implement benefit plan design strategies that promote engagement, encourage wellness and health behaviors, and recognize the need of a dynamic workforce.