Human Resources

Mission & Philosophy:

The Department of Human Resources supports the Canisius College Mission Statement, serving faculty and staff by providing accurate and timely information on a wide variety of workplace issues in a style marked by friendliness, respect, openness, and integrity.  We are pledged to uphold a high regard for confidentiality and respect for human dignity.  Our goal is to have Canisius reflect the very best kind of work environment where faculty and staff provide quality services to students, learn to grow, meet challenges and have fun.

The Department of Human Resources serves the college community by providing services such as recruitment of staff, administration and communication of all benefits, employee relations, labor relations and negotiations, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, record-keeping, training various safety issues and maintaining an accident-free campus.

Human Resources promises an open door when you need one, because we believe in discussing and resolving problems before they grow to compromise a healthy and happy work environment.