Emergency Procedure

There are two categories of College response to serious inclement weather and/or emergency conditions. Which one applies is noted in announcements on most AM radio stations.  Please make sure you are listening to a station that carries such news.


On such days, classes will not be held.  However, College offices will remain open and all administrators, secretarial/technical employees are expected  to report to work.  Those personally unable to report due to conditions may excuse themselves after consulting with their supervisor.  Employees may charge such absence to earned time off.


On such days, classes will not be held and administrators, secretarial/ technical employees are not expected to report to work, except for Essential Operating Personnel as noted below.  Full-time and part-time employees scheduled to work on that day will be paid regular salary.

Essential Operating Personnel are expected to report to work even when the College is closed due to weather conditions.  Essential Operating Personnel include:  Public Safety Administrators, Officers & Dispatchers; Maintenance Administrators, Employees & Secretaries; and Dining Services Employees.

If the radio announcement is not clear as to which condition applies, call the College’s Weather Line at 888-3131 (updated 7 a.m. daily), the Telephone Console, your supervisor or log on to the Canisius College home page at to confirm whether the “College is Closed” or “Classes are Cancelled.”