What is GrifFit?

GrifFit is the official Canisius College Wellness Program.  This program is part of the college's strategic plan to develop a comprehensive health and wellness initiative that stresses the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our faculty and staff.

Where can I call for 24-hour help?

24 Hr Med Help Line

What do I do if I need urgent medical services?

Urgent Care Flyer (3 3 11)

Does Independent Health offer any help with Smoking Cessation?

Quit Smoking

Preventative Care Guidelines

Preventive Care Guidelines - Men

Preventive Care Guidelines - Women

Healthy Tips

January 2013 Health Tip

February 2013 Health Tip

March 2013 Health Tip

April 2013 Health Tip

May 2013 Health Tip

July 2013 Health Tip

August Health Tip

Food Tracking Apps & Websites

Wellness Information:

Five Things You Can Do

Talk To Your Doctor Rx