The College’s retirement program administered by TIAA-CREF is a popular benefit.  Since contributions may be made on a tax-deferred basis, many faculty and staff use the retirement annuity to lower current taxes.

  • Many participants put in more than the minimum 2% contribution required to maintain the College’s match.
  • Salary reduction agreements can be changed 4 times per calendar year.
  • 2016 maximum contributions levels are 100% of salary: 
    • Not to exceed $18,000 per year under age 50.  
    • Additional $6,000 per year if over age 50.
    • Additional $3,000 per year with 15 years of service at Canisius College and employee has not exhausted this capability in the past. Inquire in Human Resources before exercising this option.
  • Any College employee, even if not eligible for the College retirement annuity plan, may open a Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA) and tax-defer into it to the above limits.
  • To see impact of increasing one’s contributions, go to  Have a current pay stub available to fill in the values requested.  Change your SRA amount to a new figure. will calculate your new take-home pay.