International Business

International Business

Learn Outside the Classroom

International business students at Canisius are given the tools to build a foundation for a lifetime of learning and success through challenging coursework, appreciation of worldwide cultures, and the opportunity to understand and attempt to resolve issues facing global business. There are plenty of opportunities for students to apply the teachings of the classroom to practical situations in the “real-world.”


All students in the program are encouraged to participate in an internship.  This may take place at one of the many international agencies in the area, such as the World Trade Center Buffalo-Niagara, Buffalo World Connect, Atlantic Corridor USA Inc., or various public and private firms with an international clientele, including Rich Products.  Internships can be combined with the study abroad experience. 

Study Abroad

A study abroad opportunity is an important part of the international business program.  Study abroad programs provide the opportunity to strengthen fluency in other languages, enhance knowledge of global relations, and deepen the understanding of cultural and societal differences and similarities.  Canisius sponsors semester abroad experiences at affiliated universities in France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, England, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, China and Japan.  Students who study abroad take classes that fulfill graduation requirements so they can stay on track for graduation.

The Atlantis Scholar Double Degree Program

The College has entered into a unique arrangement with the University of Strasbourg (France) and the University of Antwerp (Belgium) that provides our students the opportunity to earn a European Bachelor’s degree in International Business from one of these two European partners.Canisius International Business majors spend one full academic year in Europe at either partner university.  The course work fulfills the requirements for an International Business degree from both Canisius and the European university. Students do not increase the length of their undergraduate programs. This option is available only to International Business majors. Download the application.

MexiCanisius Imports – Community-based Learning

International business students can participate in a project called MexiCanisius Imports, which combines the study of Spanish and Mexican arts and crafts, and North American business.  Students travel to Mexico with two Canisius faculty members to buy arts and crafts from indigenous artisans in rural areas. Once they return to Buffalo, they work with other students to import the crafts to sell on campus. Through this project, students are able to support economic development in Mexico and learn about international business. The proceeds of the sales are put back into the project to keep it going for future classes. 

Crossing Borders Conference

Crossing Borders is an annual student conference held by the Golden Horseshoe Educational Alliance, an alliance of 28 colleges and universities across New York and Ontario, Canada. The conference brings together Canadian and American students to discuss the issues of working and living in the border region. Canisius international business students can participate in this conference and present papers they have developed in their business courses.