International Business

International Business

Program Overview

The International Business program at Canisius consists of three parts.

  • International business courses - Four core courses cover the fundamentals of international business and the international dimensions of management, marketing and finance.  Students choose three electives from a comprehensive list of program options. Additionally, students have the option to cluster these electives to concentrate on a topic such as "Global Logistics" or a region such as "North America."
  • Foreign language courses - Students must complete a modern language through the advanced level and are encouraged to continue their language courses in order to expand study abroad opportunities or to earn a dual major. Learn more about dual major opportunities and curriculum.
  • International experiences –The international business program requires its students to take part in an international travel experience.  The requirement can be fulfilled through class-sponsored field trips to Canada, short study tours consisting of three-week international business seminars, two-week European Union simulations and four-week immersion programs in Mexico, and the college's study-abroad program.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The study abroad programs offered at Canisius provide the opportunity to strengthen fluency in other languages, enhance knowledge of global relations, and deepen the understanding of cultures and societies around the world.  There are both short-term and long-term study abroad opportunities available to students and neither will interfere with a student’s desired graduation timeline.  It is even possible to gain a dual degree with a participating European university. 

Prestigious Affiliations

The Canisius College International Business program is a member of the exclusive Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE). CUIBE is a consortium of schools and universities that have undergraduate International Business programs. The primary objectives of the consortium are to provide its members with an opportunity to benchmark their programs against other member schools and facilitate sharing of best practices in International Business education.  The benefits of membership include shared study abroad programs, shared international experiences, joint/multi institution programs, and shared internship opportunities, all of which serve to expand the undergraduate experience for Canisius’ international business majors.