International Relations

International Relations

Program Overview

The International Relations program at Canisius College is a multidisciplinary program anchored in the Departments of History, Modern Languages and Political Science but also includes courses in international business, economics, religious studies, philosophy and other academic disciplines. The goals of the program are to provide the International Relations major with a basic understanding of the issues, functions and theories of the international system.  Majors also cultivate the research, writing, critical thinking and oral presentation skills necessary for successful careers in international affairs, international business, law, education or academia.  Each student’s program is structured to maximize options after graduation. Completion of the major program will lead to a bachelor of arts degree in International Relations.

International Relations majors may pursue one of four distinct study tracks:

Students who follow one of these tracks are required to study a modern foreign language and satisfy the international experience requirement. To learn more about the study track curricula, click on the links above or contact the program director Jonathan DiCicco, PhD.

Double Major

Though not required, many International Relations students take a second major. History, political science, European studies, Latin American studies, and international business are popular choices, as are modern foreign languages French, German, and Spanish.


The International Relations major and minor are open to any student who has completed PSC140 with a minimum grade of C.

A minimum overall average of 2.0 in all courses taken to complete the major or minor is required. Students must obtain the signature of the program director to verify they have satisfied all requirements.

For information about admission to Canisius College, contact the Office of Admissions.