Student Fellows

Adrienne BerminghamAdrienne Bermingham is a third year Political Science major who is also completing three minors:  Animal Behavior, Anthrozoology, and Zoo Biology.  Upon graduation, Adrienne intends to serve a term in the PeaceCorps, and then to devote her life to animal welfare concerns as a lobbyist.

“I have come to appreciate the Earth as a fragile and beautiful gift,” Adrienne says.  “I feel that it is my responsibility to use my voice to protect the Earth’s creatures, who have no voice to speak for themselves.  The Earth is my home and the animals my neighbors.  Like an good citizen, I aim to keep my home clean and my neighbors safe.” 

Mariel KlienMariel Klein is a sophomore ABEC major, and an anthrozoology/studio art double minor.  After graduate school, she intends to devote her life to showing people the importance and the beauty of the animal kingdom in any way that she can.  She also hopes to incorporate her passion for art and photography into any future career. 

"People tend to forget that we are merely borrowing this Earth and that we have a responsibility to return it in the same or better condition than we inherited it.  Preserving the planet not only benefits the next generation but helps the current generation learn and grow.  There is so much that we can learn from animals; about ourselves and how to live and be happy.  Understanding and caring for the world around us is essential to living a full and satisfying life."

Hannah WalshHannah Walsh is a senior ABEC-Psychology double major.  She is also completing the Zoo Biology and Business Management minors.  She aspires to a career path in the zoo field – first as a keeper, ultimately as a curator.  She looks forward to a life in which she can contribute meaningfully to the preservation of endangered species.

When asked her philosophy on life, she says “Take advantage of every opportunity given to you.  Life gives us chances everyday to make the world a better place for people and animals.  Look forward to the road that lies before you, and never hold back from doing what is right.”