Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What kind of Instructional Technology Classrooms are available?

2. Are there computer labs on campus?

3. Do you use a learning management system?

4. Is there additional software available to host sessions online?

 1. The Instructional Technology Classrooms provide faculty with state-of-the-art equipment to use in their teaching.  Classrooms are equipped with a variety of technologies, examples include:

  • DVD players
  • Color TelevisionsSMART Board
  • LCD Projectors and Screens
  • Laptop Connectivity
  • Wireless Microphones
  • SMART Board (Interactive Whiteboard)
  • Document Camera
  • Classroom Lecture Capture

For more information visit "What's In My Classroom?"

2.Computer lab There are a number of computer labs located throughout campus.  Three of these have a dual boot platform for both Mac and Windows. Some courses are held in a lab environment.

3. The ANGEL learning management system is available for all faculty and students to use. Canisius usernames and passwords are used for login. Instructors are able to post syllabi, course announcements, course material and assignments. They can create online asynchronous discussion and send email. To help support the user experience there are help videos posted on the ANGEL login page. SoftChalk is used by some instructors and students, the lessons easily integrate into ANGEL. SoftChalk includes built-in style sheets and the user has the ability to create interactive learning games, quizzes, or pop-up text annotations.

4. Instructors and students are able to utilize GoToMeeting to hold virtual meetings for planning, and instructional purposes. GoToMeeting allows you to host an online meeting with up to 25 people. Using the web conferencing tool, you can share any application on your computer in real time. Also included in the Canisius license is GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. GoToWebinar allows you to conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 100 people.  GoToTraining software allows you to hold interactive training sessions with up to 25 people.