Learning Goals & Objectives

These learning Goals and Objectives apply to all Journalism majors.

Student Learning Goal 1

Majors will understand the history and current state of the profession of journalism.
  • Objective A: Students will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of Journalism’s professional qualities and ethical standards, including the need to report facts fairly and accurately.
  • Objective B: Students will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of media law, the First Amendment, Sunshine Laws, and FOIA.

Student Learning Goal 2

Majors will think critically and creatively.
  • Objective A: Students will understand the nature of current and upcoming events in order to report meaningful news stories.
  • Objective B: Students will exercise sound, responsible news judgment even under pressures of immediacy and competition.

Student Learning Goal 3

Majors will write for audience, platform, and message.
  • Objective A: Students will write in a style to sustain reader interest, avoiding personal opinion, unsubstantiated claims and empty prose.
  • Objective B: Students will write cogently in a structure appropriate for the chosen platform.
  • Objective C: Students will produce accurate stories based on facts that they have gathered, verified, analyzed and interpreted, using multiple sources and methods.