Program Overview

The Department of Communication Studies has had a historic tradition of producing students that enter the journalism and publishing fields. Based on that tradition and history, the department started the Journalism major in 2010 to specifically concentrate on preparing students for successful modern-day careers in journalism and related fields.

The major is designed to prepare students for the rapidly-changing field of journalism with specific emphasis on multimedia journalists, and a new breed known as “backpack journalists.” Coursework includes multimedia storytelling, news-gathering and reporting, digital media programming, social media, and design for mobile devices.

Challenges of modern journalists include:

  • Tell stories in a way that is appropriate for multiple platforms, often all in the same day in a highly visual way.  
  • Understand social media, as news organizations rely more and more on a Facebook and Twitter presence.  
  • Be able to direct traffic to many pages of the news organizations’ websites and to design publications that can be navigated easily.
  • Be firmly grounded in the social responsibility theory of the press. 

To meet these challenges, the journalism major at Canisius will prepare you to:

  • Provide a truthful, comprehensive and intelligent account in a context which gives meaning
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of comment and criticism
  • Act responsibly for the presentation and clarification of the goals and values of society