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On Campus Plus at Canisius

Program Overview

Since August 2013, we have been offering international students the On Campus Plus Pathway at Canisius.

This is a unique program we have developed in partnership with Kings Education, which provides international students with the opportunity to complete a U.S. degree program in four years, while benefiting from tailored support and additional tutoring in English language and study skills from specialist counselors.

About Kings Education

Kings Education has been operating since 1957, specializing in university preparation courses for international students wanting to access leading universities in the UK and USA. They also deliver year-round English language training courses and organize summer vacation courses for younger learners.

Kings Education’s approach to learning is based on high levels of individual attention, small class sizes and plentiful resources. They aim to produce excellent academic results for each of their students and complement their teaching with strong counselling, to help students make the best degree choice.

Their experience and attention towards the specific needs of international students ensure that in the first year at Canisius, the On Campus Plus students adapt easily to life and study in the USA and accelerate learning to bring their English language and study skills up to speed with their fellow American students.   

For more information about Kings Education, visit the website:

Course content and structure

In Year 1 students are taught by Canisius faculty, alongside American students. At the same time 1+3 students benefit from the Profile Builder program and Premium University Counselling, which aim to develop specific skills and knowledge students need to succeed in the American university system.

The graphic below shows the three blocks which make up learning and support for students in Year 1. 

Across 5 Pathways






Second Year University Entry


Academic modules across 5 pathways

Students can choose one of five pathways:

  • Computer Science
  • Liberal Arts
  • Engineering and Sciences
  • Business
  • Digital Media Arts
Pathways Semester 1 (Fall) Semester 2 (Spring)
Computer Science First Year Seminar
Intro to Religious Studies
Art History 
Writing about Literature
Intro to Philosophy
Intro to Programming
European History
Liberal Arts First Year Seminar
Intro to RST
Intro to Art History
Intro to Comparative Politics and Government
Writing about Literature
Intro to Philosophy
European History
Engineering and Sciences First Year Seminar
General Chemistry 1
Computer Programming
Intro to Engineering Design
Writing about Literature
General Chemistry II
General Physics 1
Intro to RST
Business First Year Seminar
Intro to RST
Management Technology
Writing about Literature
Intro to Philosophy
Mathematics or Business Statistics
Intro to Management
Digital Media Arts First Year Seminar
Intro to Religious Studies
Intro to Art History
Intro to Digital Media
Intro to Web Computing
Writing about Literature
Intro to Philosophy
European History
Digital Media Culture
Physical Geography


Profile Builder

The aim of the Profile Builder is to help each student to enhance their personal profile by maximizing their own potential so they stand out from the rest:

  • Support in adapting to American culture and the American education system
  • Advice on writing a great Statement of Purpose
  • Developing interview skills and techniques
  • Guidance and advice about community and volunteering activities
  • Helping maximize scholarship opportunities for talents in sports, music or other areas
  • Developing personal and communication skills


Premium University Counselling

This service is delivered through five one-to-one interviews by Kings Pathways dedicated, specialist University Counselors. The Counselors will assess the specific needs and requirements of each student and help them with the huge range of choices the American higher education system presents.


Progression after Year 1

On completion of Year 1 at Canisius, On Campus Plus students will be counselled towards a range of options. They can choose to complete all four years at Canisius or transfer full academic credits to either State University of New York (SUNY) Albany or SUNY Geneseo.

More information about University of Rochester
More information about CUNY Baruch College 
More information about SUNY Albany 
More information about SUNY Geneseo 


Entry requirements

English: TOEFL iBT 79/IELTS 6.0 or equivalent*

Academic: Completed Senior High School and a minimum GPA of 3.0

Minimum age: 17

*If the TOEFL iBT/IELTS score is lower than the above and equivalent or higher than TOEFL iBT 35, students can still apply for this program but will need to take 1-3 terms of Undergraduate Preparation Program to progress their English language to the required score.

Contact us

Admissions to the On Campus Plus at Canisius are managed by the Kings admissions team.

To apply or for any enquiry, please use any of the contact details below.

Kings Education USA Admissions
Cosmo Lofts
1617 Cosmo Street
#406 Los Angeles
California 90028

T: +1 323 963 5311
F: +1 323 963 5288