A Higher Calling

New technology is now an integral part of the Canisius College Eberl Call Center. An upgraded computer system, recently installed, automatically dials, enables immediate and efficient record keeping, and electronically processes Canisius Fund pledges safely and securely. Perhaps more significant, the capital improvement enables Canisius to extend its reach to more alumni and friends, and increase the overall number of calls that can be made. That means more support to the areas that have the greatest impact on students, from scholarships and programming, to library books and lab equipment. Currently, 45 percent of Canisius Fund donors make their annual gifts through the Eberl Call Center.

The Eberl Call Center is named for the late Frank J. and Rita Eberl, whose sons, Frank ’67, MS ’75, MBA ‘78 and George ’68, made a generous donation, in recognition of their parents, to the Imagine Canisius capital campaign.

To make your annual gift to the Canisius Fund, simply answer the call or visit Canisius.edu/alumni/give.