Late Night with Canisius

BUFFALO, NY - Canisius students feed their minds during the day but how do they nourish their spirits at night? 

 To find out, the editors of Canisius Magazine invited student ‘night owls’ to capture the campus social scene – after dark.  The all-nighter was enlightening. 

Contrary to their predecessors, who fled from campus by mid-afternoon for their full-time jobs, this generation of learners embraces nocturnal life on campus. 

As you’ll see in the following photo essay, students host study sessions in the library or visit the Tutoring Center for extra help with coursework.  Students cheer on their favorite Golden Griffin teams at the KAC and like to hit the training room for a late night workout. 

Members of the Chamber Orchestra gather after dark to fine tune their performances in the Montante Cultural Center, while Little Theatre students take over Marie Maday for dress rehearsals.  Meantime, the editors of The Griffin write throughout the night to get the student newspaper to press on time. 

 But that’s not all. 

When the sun goes down, students come out for an abundance of club activities.  From midnight mini-golf to Battle of the Bands competitions and headphone discos, Canisius has all the ‘night stuff’ for students.

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