Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1

Management Majors will be able to solve problems in operations management.

Students will:
  • Objective A: Analyze the transformations of inputs into outputs through value-added process;
  • Objective B: Apply management science techniques and interpret results from such applications.

Student Learning Goal 2

Management Majors will be knowledgeable about leadership and organizations.

Students will:
  • Objective A: Understand major theories of leadership;
  • Objective B: Evaluate theories of motivation in the workplace;
  • Objective C: Understand principles of organizational structure and design.

Student Learning Goal 3

Management majors will be knowledgeable about issues of fairness and equity in the workplace

Students will:
  • Objective A: Understand concepts and practices of justice in organizations;
  • Objective B: Evaluate managerial practices pertaining to employment discrimination.