Program Overview

The task of the manager is to coordinate the activities of people and resources in order to lead the organization successfully into its future. Management involves such functions as planning, organizing, leading, controlling, motivating, general problem solving and decision making. Managers today must prepare their companies to compete in the global marketplace. The management major at Canisius provides students with a well-rounded education to prepare them for this important organizational role. The curriculum contains coursework in quantitative methods, behavioral principles, and strategic management that develop skills for individuals seeking careers in:

  • Production or operations management
  • Human resources management
  • Employee or labor relations
  • Sales or retail management
  • Quality control
  • Supervision in manufacturing, banking or finance, food service and entertainment, education, government and other service and non-profit organizations.

Minor Programs

Students majoring in management may choose to take additional specialized courses and electives and complete one of four management minors: human resource management, international management, global logistics and supply-chain management, or management of technology. Alternatively, they can consult with an advisor in the department to select electives that meet their individual interests or needs. Students who are not business majors may pursue minor in business management to complement their major in another field. 

Dual Major

Students may choose to enhance their career potential and enrich their business background by completing a dual major. Students are encouraged to major in both management and a related field of interest such as marketing, international business, finance, modern languages, economics, or psychology. These dual majors require some additional courses beyond the normal curriculum.