Program Overview

The Marketing program at Canisius prepares students for exciting careers in domestic and international markets. Coursework includes the principles of marketing, consumer behavior, market research and international marketing, along with electives in such growing fields as Internet and digital marketing, social media, global logistics, new product development and database marketing.

Through both traditional and innovative new courses - such as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Doing Business in Canada, Doing Business in Mexico, Global Logistics/Transportation and Global Supply Chain Management - students learn all the aspects of producing and promoting a product or service in a global market. They also learn how to run their own company and marketing program in the computer-driven marketing simulation course.

Special Programs

Fashion Institute of Technology

This program combines professional fashion-related education with marketing courses to provide a concentration for students interested in a career in the fashion industry. Students accepted into the program spend either their junior or senior years in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology, to complete practical coursework in fashion design, manufacturing and retailing. Students interested in this program must apply to the program coordinator during their sophomore year. For more information, contact Gregory R. Wood, PhD, Associate Dean.

Dual Major

Highly motivated students may choose to enhance their career potential and enrich their business background by completing a dual major. Students are encouraged to major in both marketing and a related field of interest such as information systems, management, international business, finance, modern languages, economics or psychology. These dual majors require some additional courses beyond the normal curriculum.