Math Club

The Math Club is an active organization on campus. In the past year, members attended the Hudson River Undergraduate Math Conference, organized and presented a Math Career Night featuring successful mathematics alumni who live in Western New York, and sponsored a Christmas card sale to benefit a Jesuit high school in Micronesia.

The club also hosts an end-of-the-year banquet honoring graduating seniors, bowling nights and euchre tournaments. These are some of the ways the Math Club gets together to relax and have a good time, without the intense mathematical equations we all know and love.

Future plans include continuing the annual holiday card sale, with the profits benefiting the math department at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep and sponsoring members' trips to Projects Jamaica and Mexico.


Communications/announcements to members are usually done through e-mail, via list MATH. The list's owners are Jim Huard, PhD and Terry Bisson, PhD. Please contact them if you wish to subscribe to the list.

Featured Article/Essay of the Month

Some mathematically related piece of reading will appear regularly on the Math Club site. This can range from serious to hilarious, as long as it involves "some'' mathematical words/concepts.

Math Problem of the Month

Take a look at this month's Math problem. Anyone can participate. But if you are a pre-college student (in high school, for instance), and if you send in a correct answer by the due date, you may get a prize! Good luck.