Program Overview

Study Tracks

Mathematics major

The mathematics major provides an in-depth study of theoretical math and is the springboard to a large number of careers and advanced degree work in many fields.

Math with a concentration in statistics

This track provides a solid foundation in theoretical and applied statistics as preparation for graduate study or a career as a statistician.

Math education

This area of concentration is housed within the education major and is for students interested in teaching math at the elementary, middle or high school level.  Many math education majors complete a double major in education and mathematics. 

Dual majors, minors and concentrations

Because math provides a theoretical and computational background for many disciplines, double majors, minors and concentrations in other subjects are encouraged. Double majors in mathematics and economics, physics, and computer science are common.  Other students combine their study in mathematics with a wide variety of other disciplines such as music, history, pre-medicine, philosophy, or psychology. 


Canisius offers courses that prepare you for the first two actuarial exams:  (Probability and Financial Mathematics) of the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society.  Our courses are also approved for all three of the actuarial VEEs (Validated by Actuarial Experience) in economics, corporate finance and applied statistical methods.  Internships are often available and there are regular visits from Canisius alumni in the field.