Program links

A good starting point is Mathematics on the Web: the AMS guide.

Selected Very Useful Resources

Reviews and abstracts of mathematical publications:

  • MathSciNet, the Web version of Mathematical Reviews, produced by American Mathematical Society (Accessible for Canisius Students and Faculty.)
  • Zentralblatt MATH Database, the on-line version of Zentralblatt für Mathematik. It is produced by the Berlin editorial office of FIZ Karlsruhe, in cooperation with European Academies and Mathematical Institutes.
  • The 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification, effective now for all publications.

A list with extensive links to home pages:

Many Useful Resources

Pages for students:

  • The MAA Students Page: various information from the Mathematical Association of America.
  • SIAM's Students Page from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
  • Printable Math Activities: Many links to math educational websites with math activities and tips. Some are more geared toward kids, but some could be useful for college students as well.

Lists with extensive links to home pages.

Bibliographical sources

  • A list of mathematical articles from a specific journal can be obtained by a MathSciNet search. One search method: Click on a field-name box (e.g., "Author") to change the field name to "Journal". Then enter the journal name or abbreviation (recommended: use wild-card asterisks * as much as possible). This should give you a list of the articles from the journal that are indexed in Mathematical Reviews, from newest to oldest. Another method: Find an article from the journal and use that form of the title in your search.
  • Preprint archive in Mathematics, Physics, Computer science and Quantitative Biology
  • Elsevier Science & Technology Books: searchable book and journal authors/titles/abstracts.
  • Lists from the AMS of, among others, printed and electronic journals that have sites on the Internet.
  • The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers, an all-subject listing.

Search by topic

  • The Math Archives of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
  • MathSearch by Jim Richardson (at the University of Sydney): a database of English-language Web pages in mathematics and statistics, searchable by keywords.
  • The Yahoo math page in the Yahoo index.

Societies and organizations

Finding people

  • The CML (Combined Membership List) of the AMS, MAA, and SIAM.


International Congress of Mathematicians

The next meeting is ICM-2014 in Seoul, South Korea.  The list of all previous ICM meetings is here. Internet news and discussion groups

Employment, career, and fellowship information

Considering graduate school in mathematical sciences

Specialized fields

Diverse mathematical connections

  • History and biography.



Statistics Links

Statistical Societies and organizations

Statistics departments (schools and research institutions)

Places to get data and/or educational information

Journals, book, etc.