Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science

Are You Career Focused & Don’t Mind the Sight of Blood? 

The Medical Laboratory Science major at Canisius will take you on a very straight path to a rewarding and well-respected career in the burgeoning medical sciences field. 

It’s simple – three years of campus-based classroom and lab work, one year of a hands-on internship in an accredited hospital laboratory, and successful completion of a board certification exam gives you one great career.

Why Study Medical Laboratory Science at Canisius

  • At other schools, you spend four years in on-campus classrooms and labs before getting into a real-world setting.  Not at Canisius.  It’s three years.  It’s an intensive program but you’ll get a jump on your career over other students in similar programs
  • This program appeals to students who have strong scientific interests and a desire for quantifiable and exact results.  If that’s you, then this is the major for you.
  • In your hospital rotation, you’ll work in such areas as chemistry, phlebotomy, bacteriology, immunology, blood-bank, hematology, and parasitology.  You’ll have many choices to pick from for a specific area that appeals to you.
  • Most Canisius students find dynamic career opportunities in laboratory medicine right after graduation.  Others find jobs in areas such as medical administration, management and medical instrument sales.
  • Class sizes are small which means you get the chance for a lot of one-on-one instruction.
  • There is a national shortage of licensed medical lab professionals.  This means hospitals and labs will be looking for you to work for them, not the other way around.  

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