Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1

Medical Laboratory Science majors will possess the skills necessary be competent and contributing members of the health-care delivery system.

Students will:
  • Objective A: Demonstrate thorough understanding of structure and function of human body systems;
  • Objective B: Possess a thorough understanding of the components of the diagnostic process and the role of the clinical laboratory;
  • Objective C: Demonstrate professional attitude and conduct;

Student Learning Goal 2

Medical Laboratory Science majors will demonstrate proficiency in analytical skills (technical competency).

Students will:
  • Objective A: Obtain scientific data through a multitude of analytical methods;
  • Objective B: Evaluate scientific data with respect to diagnosis of disease and maintenance of health;
  • Objective C: Design and implement new analytical methods;
  • Objective D: Critically analyze and apply methods from external sources.

Student Learning Goal 3

Medical Laboratory Science majors will effectively communicate medical and scientific information

Students will:
  • Objective A: Effectively prepare scientific reports and procedures;
  • Objective B: Deliver critical data sets to health care team members;
  • Objective C: Effectively assemble and present results of scientific research to the medical community;
  • Objective D: Demonstrate ethical regard and respect for the privacy of patients and their health information.