Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

A Background in Modern Languages Builds the Foundation for a Rewarding Career

Students in the Canisius College Department of Modern languages, Literature and Cultures learn to understand other cultures through uniqueness and diversity of language. To accomplish this, they examine the literary, social, political, historic, economic and geographic dimensions of the language.

Graduates of the modern languages program engage in rewarding careers that include social work, international business (sales, management, banking, import-export), government service (customs and immigration, foreign service and intelligence agencies), teaching, interpreting and scientific research. 

No matter what field a student chooses to pursue, foreign language fluency is a marketable skill. When faced with two equally qualified candidates, an employer will almost always chose the one who can speak a foreign language.

Why Study Modern Languages at Canisius

  • The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers majors and minors in French, German, and Spanish, as well as instruction in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Polish, and American Sign Language
  • Many graduates pursue advanced degrees at schools such as University College Dublin, the University of Oregon, Columbia University, Hofstra University and The State University of New York at Buffalo.
  • In the last eight years, seven modern language majors won William J. Fulbright Scholarships. Most recently, Justyn Bellitto ’12, a Spanish and international relations dual major, will use his 2012-2013 Fulbright Scholarship to work as an English teaching assistant in Colombia. 
  • The department also produced a Boren Fellow who studied Critical Language (Arabic) in Jordan (2011-2012).

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