Learning Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Goal 1

German majors will demonstrate effective skills at the ACTFL advanced-low level according to two Communicative Modes: Interpersonal and Presentational

Objective A: Students will actively and accurately negotiate meaning in fluent interpersonal communications.
Objective B:

Students will accurately and fluently present oral information, concepts and ideas in a cohesive manner to an audience.

Student Learning Goal 2

German majors will critically analyze cultural production in the target language

Objective A: Students will assess, interpret and assign meaning to numerous types of cultural production including literature, film, essay, and art.
Objective B:

Students will place various types of cultural production in a wider cultural and historical context.

Student Learning Goal 3

German majors will design and carry out an original project in which the target language is the major research tool and vehicle of expression

Objective A: Students will create a project that demonstrates comprehension of cultural productions indicated by a clear thesis and a developed argument.
Objective B:

Students will demonstrate a mastery of information literacy tools and the integration of secondary sources in their work.

Student Learning Goal 4

German Majors will demonstrate familiarity with the chronology and major figures, events, and themes in Germany’s triple history since 1949 (FRG – GDR – United Germany after Unification)

Objective A: Students will situate people, events, and/or themes in their appropriate context of Germany’s triple history since 1949
Objective B:

Students will demonstrate clear awareness of change and continuity within the triple history of Germany since 1949