Students’ Research Shapes Hardwick’s Resolution

BUFFALO, NY ― Kevin R. Hardwick, PhD, professor of political science and a member of the Erie County Legislature for the 4th District, used information gathered by students in his public administration class to propose a resolution that calls for a 12-month land option on the NFTA’s property in the Buffalo Outer Harbor to allow the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex (GSBEC) to explore the possibility of developing a downtown stadium.

Hardwick and his students, team leader Olivia Hill 14, Thomas Khansari ’16, Stephanie McGrath ’13, Marissa Petrias ’14 and Kevin Pope ’14 held a news conference on March 26 at the Legislature to announce and discuss their proposal.   

The group noted that the waterfront has been unused land for years and this stadium could start the revitalization process the city of Buffalo needs. 

“Although there is work that still needs to be done in the development of this project, as a group we believe the potential outcome merits more inquiry and the land option granted to GSBEC,” said Hill.

“This was a unique class project and I am extremely proud of the work of my students,” adds Hardwick. “There is certainly an upside to the GSBEC’s proposal and if we were able to turn the corner this could be big.”

Hardwick compiled the students’ report into a resolution that he will submit before the Legislature at its Thursday, April 11 sessions. The resolution calls for (GSBEC) to be allowed to obtain the land option from the NFTA for exploration and development of a downtown stadium.

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